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Smono 5 - Battery
14 €

Need to replace the Smono 5 Battery or do you want a spare one? Then this 18650 Samsung 3000 mAh battery is for you.

Intended for use with: Smono 5.

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Smono 5 - Mouthpiece Screens (5-pack)
5 €

Keep your Smono 5 fresh with these Mouthpiece Screens. The mouthpiece screen is intended to sit inside the mouthpiece and prevents any herbs from entering the mouthpiece.


  • Mouthpiece screens (5)

Intended for use with: Smono 5.

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Smono 5 - Chamber Screens (5-pack)
5 €

Keep the vapour from your Smono 5 pure with these Chamber Screens. The chamber screens ensure no direct contact is being made between the heating element and the material in the chamber.


  • Chamber screens (5)

Intended for use with: Smono 5.

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Smono 5 - Mouthpiece
5 €

This Glass Mouthpiece is a spare part for the Smono 5 in case you need to replace the included mouthpiece, or if you or want an extra one. It's made from high-grade glass and is identical to the one included with the unit.

Intended for use with: Smono 5.

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MV StashBox + 8 Accessories
26 €

The MV StashBox is perfect for storing your portable vaporizer and accessories. It comes equipped with a combination lock to keep your items secure and a durable handle for easy transportation. The bag has a durable zip and removable Velcro dividers to help you organise your accessories according to your preferences.

Included with the MV StashBox are a 4-piece aluminium grinder, a tray, a glass container, a tube case, and three smell-proof plastic bags. These things fit perfectly inside the bag, and the tray can be stored in the durable mesh pocket up top.

Whether you're using it for storage at home or to bring things with you, your gear will always be safe, organised, and within reach.


  • Zip bag with combination lock (22 × 14 × 9 cm)
  • 4-piece grinder (aluminium)
  • Tray (18 × 15 cm)
  • Glass container
  • Tube case
  • Smell-proof zip bags (3)
  • Storage bag


  • Newest version! (2024.05)
  • Large display with beautiful animations
  • Patented convection heating
  • Quick heat-up in (30 sec.)
  • Large ceramic herb chamber
  • Replaceable battery (3000 mAh)
  • Very easy to clean
  • Precise temperature control (160 to 240°C)

Who is the Smono 5 for?

If you are looking for an uncomplicated portable convection vaporizer for herbs that is both easy to use and to clean you can’t go wrong with a Smono 5. It’s not the fastest and it doesn’t have the most features, but it is a reliable and affordable option.

The simplicity of the Smono 5’s makes it a great option for beginners and the price compared to other premium convection vaporizers makes it a solid choice for those who want pure and tasty vapour, without spending a lot.

Convection heating

To maximise the taste of your herbs the Smono 5 uses a patented convection heating system. Unlike conduction heating, where the herbs themselves are heated through contact, convection heating means it’s the hot air flowing through your herbs that heats them and start the vaporizing process. It is the slightly slower way, but the herbs are heated evenly and the vapour will be full of pure flavours.

Replaceable battery

The Smono 5 uses a powerful 3000 mAh Samsung battery of the type 18650 which lasts for approximately six full 5-minute sessions on a full charge. It takes an hour and a half to charge fully via a USB-C cable, but if you don’t want to wait you can always replace it with another charged 18650 battery by simply opening the battery compartment in the bottom of the device and switch it out.

Comfortable size

Although the Smono 5 is slightly larger than the previous Smono models, it’s still small enough to fit in your pocket or bring with you in a small bag. The larger size actually makes it more comfortable to hold and to use, and as it’s thicker it also doesn’t heat up the exterior to temperatures that are uncomfortable to hold when in use.

Colour display

The feature that makes the Smono 5 stand out the most compared to other vapes is the large colour display that plays cheerful animations when heating up. To let you know the status of heating it also displays the four things that are most important in a quadratic pattern: current temperature, set temperature, session time and battery level.

Efficient heating

With the Smono 5 you can select any temperature you want between 160 and 240°C, meaning you can go for lower temperatures if you prioritise flavour, and higher temperatures if you prefer to maximise extraction. After selecting the temperature, you only have to wait around 30 seconds before it’s ready to deliver that tasty convection vapour.

Large herb chamber

If you enjoy vaping a lot of herbs per time you will appreciate the large ceramic heating chamber of the Smono 5. It measures 14 mm in diameter and 15 mm in depth, with room for 20 ml of material (around 0.3 grams of herb) which is a lot larger than previous Smono models.

Easy to clean

Cleaning a vape is never fun and that is why the German designers of Smono 5 have made it both quick and easy. As the magnetic block with the mouthpiece detaches you can easily access the chamber for cleaning with the brush, and the rest can be cleaned with the included wipes and pipe cleaners or compressed air.

How to use the Smono 5

  • Begin by detaching the mouthpiece block to access the chamber. Filling the chamber is easy thanks to the funnel shape. Fill it up with the amount of herbs you want and attach the mouthpiece block again.
  • To start the Smono 5, press the S-button five times in rapid succession. It will now immediately start heating to the previously set temperature.
  • Once the Smono 5 is powered on, a session timer of 300 seconds (5 minutes) starts to ensure no battery is unnecessarily drained. To reset the session timer you can just push any of the buttons.
  • If you want to change the temperature, all you have to do is press the up or down-button to select any degree you want from 160 to 240°C.
  • Look at the display to see when the current temperature matches the set temperature, and when they do you are ready to draw in that flavourful vapour.
  • To power it off, either push the S-button five times in rapid succession or wait for the session timer to expire.


All Smono 5 vaporizers sold by MagicVaporizers, an authorised distributor of Smono, are completely authentic and backed by a 2-year warranty.

User Manual

Smono 5

In the Box

  • Smono 5 vaporizer
  • USB-C charging cable
  • Lid
  • Storage bag
  • Screwdriver
  • Cleaning brush
  • Cleaning wipes (5)
  • Pipe cleaners (5)
  • Instruction manual
Smono 5


More Information
Size: 4.5 × 2.6 × 11.6 cm
Weight: 188 g
Heating: Convection
Heat-up time: 30 seconds
Power source: Battery (3000 mAh)
Temperature: 160°C to 240°C
Manufacturer: Smono
Warranty: 2 years
Country of manufacture: China

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