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These vinyl PAX Caps by Delta 3D Studios are the perfect size to slide over both ends of the PAX Vaporizer to hide odours and act as shock bumpers for light falls. The caps will not interfere with charging the vaporizer, but they can not be used while the PAX vape is running.

Note that caps will have a tight fit and might be difficult to put on at first. However, the vinyl will stretch with time (you can also use a hair dryer to soften the vinyl before initially putting on). Caps will be much easier to put on/off after a few weeks of use. Do NOT clean with isopropyl alcohol as prolonged exposure can damage the vinyl.


  • PAX Caps (2)

Intended for use with: PAX 2 Vaporizer, PAX 3 Vaporizer,  PAX Mini and PAX Plus.