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Reduce temperature, increase humidity, maximize efficiency, and experience the finest vapour available with the Obsidian Glass Bubbler by Magma Industries. You can use it with balloons (Easy Valve) and with the whip (if you have a Volcano Hybrid).

The Obsidian Glass Bubbler for Volcano vaporizers reduces the temperature of the vapour (up to 40°C less) while simultaneously adding humidity to it (over 93%+)  which makes it much less harsh on your throat and lungs. Thanks to the lower temperature and increased humidity you can vaporize at temperatures higher than you normally would, without coughing, and you can, therefore, extract more of your herbs or concentrate.

You don't have to worry about water spills either as the Obsidian Glass Bubbler features a secondary water trap (not included on Magma Bubbler). This helps prevent getting moisture or liquid mixed in with your herbs or concentrates in case of unintentional overfills or accidents.

The Obsidian Glass Bubbler is constructed from the highest quality grade borosilicate glass that is easy to clean with isopropyl alcohol. It is hand blown by master glassblowers to ensure a perfect fit with your Easy Valve filling chamber for a tight seal, every time.


  • Obsidian Glass Bubbler
  • Seal rings (3)

Intended for use with: Volcano Digit, Volcano Classic and Volcano Hybrid.